About Us

About Malus Infra

Malus-Infra is a full-service planning and architecture firm led by Ar Ankan Kumar Basa, who is regarded as one of Odisha's leading urban planners, designers and strategists. Malus-Infra was established in 2012. The firm has dealt successfully with all aspects of new construction, from urban planning and site usability, to project concept, architectural design and building management.

Team of Corlate

With over 2 years of experience in the Architectural field, MALUS-INFRA brings a unique and valuable blend of expertise for it's valued customers.

Our Skill

Our projects are extremely diverse-in terms of project type,scale,user communities and conditions of place. We embrace this diversity as a core strength,and have organized our 20-person firm around project-specific tearms carefully assembled to adress the specific needs and circumstances of each assignment. To ensure continuity of approach, consistently high quality and continued development of innovative design investigation, project teams are supported by extensive research, design and technical specialists.